Replicate Dave Legendary Marketer (Duplicate Dave) is an instructional training course on ways to end up being a web online marketer that offers “make as you discover” opportunities.

What Is Duplicate Dave?

Duplicate Dave is the brainchild of Dave Sharpe, one of the creators of the massive– and massively successful– MLM affiliate business Empower. Sharpe just recently left Empower in the wake of illness and a much-publicized falling out with co-founder David Wood.

Sharpe has a “rags to riches” story that resonates with internet marketers. The owner of Duplicate Dave is not overnight sensation. He has quite the story. A high school dropout with substance abuse issues and a daddy at the age of 16, Sharpe turned his life around and has since founded 3 multi-million-dollar business. He and his household reside in St. Petersburg, Florida.

Duplicate Dave Product

duplicate-dave-reviewThe Duplicate Dave course concentrates on teaching individuals to replicate Sharpe’s “hands-free” web marketing company, declaring that you will just have to work “30 minutes a day” in order to make commission-based earnings while undergoing training.

The course covers advertisement positioning, selling exceptional price products, email marketing, sales conversion techniques, and use of sales funnels, marketing copy, and videos.

Sharpe provides back-end assistance consisting of access to his customized marketing copy and sales funnels in addition to his personal phone team to aid in closing sales. Earnings from all sales is divided in between the company and the private enrolled in the program at an undisclosed rate.

The price of the program, commission rates, and other details are not available on the site. Interested parties can set up a day and time to have a Duplicate Dave staff member contact them by phone to have the specifics revealed to them.

Replicate Dave Chance

The chance presented by this program is, inning accordance with Sharpe, “to make while you discover” to become an internet marketer. Simply puts, instead of a simple academic course, it’s likewise an affiliate online marketing chance.

Details on the services and products available, and the commission rates one can earn from marketing these services and products, is readily available only through receiving a call from a member of Sharpe’s sales group.

Replicate Dave Verdict

Dave Sharpe is, for absence of a better term, one of the biggest superstars of affiliate marketing on the planet.

This indicates that the Duplicate Dave program is likely to be exceptionally popular as Sharpe’s numerous dedicated followers flock to this brand-new opportunity, turning this program into an overnight success story.

Of course, it’s extremely bothersome for us to examine the details of this program as it requires setting up a phone call with a member of Sharpe’s sales group.

It’s difficult to understand the exact scope of the training and even the cost to the client, whether it’s a one-time payment or a continuous membership, whether there are expensive upsells, what kinds of items an affiliate will be selling, and so on.

The only thing we can evaluate is Sharpe’s credibility as a top-tier web marketer. Whatever your opinions are of Empower Network, Sharpe was instrumental in its rise to power as a premier MLM network.

He actually developed his fortune from the business, proving that he has the acumen to handle a large affiliate network.

Does this equate into being able to offer education and training for others? The probability appears high, especially as he’s literally allowing individuals who enlist to “borrow” his facilities for a chance to make money while they’re learning exactly what he has to teach them.

In the end, if the price of the training course is reasonable and the chance to market real product or services with a perceived worth is a real one, it’s quite possible that anybody enrolling in Duplicate Dave will be able to make while they find out, as Sharpe says.

At least, this makes it a good risk to arrange a call and pay attention to Sharpe’s sales pitch. However, we would feel better if the details of Sharpe’s program were laid bare someplace they could be browsed by the public.